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The logo for "Real Grouches".

"Real Grouches" is 1 of Grouch TV's newest shows that "searches the world for interesting real-life Grouches & brings them right into your living room", & the host of this show is, of course, OSCAR THE GROUCH on Sesame Street & this show is held, naturally, directly at Oscar's trash can.

The 1st Grouch to appear is Romeo Scuggs from Hila Monster, New Mexico. Romeo's special talent is, he can play screechy notes on his violin &, without missing a beat, tell people to "scram. After hearing the music, Oscar asks Romeo how it feels to make music like that & Romeo says "Well, I guess I feel sorta proud-like." Oscar says he & all the viewers are proud of him & he thanks Romeo for being on "Real Grouches".

The next Grouch to appear is Luba Merquick from Slime Bottom, Arkansas. Oscar says she's also the only Grouch in the world who can play a song with chalk on a blackboard. (Oscar: "Must drive everybody right outta their skulls!"). After hearing the music Oscar admits he's very jealous of Luba's gift & wishes he could do that for his friends (to get rid of 'em.) He asks Luba how it feels to have such a gift. Luba says "Well it makes me feel very proud." Oscar says they're proud to have Luba there & thanks her for being on "Real Grouches".

Next, they have somebody called "Bob the Blob". Oscar doesn't know what he does but hopes he's good. He welcomes Bob the Blob, who, all of a sudden, starts playing really "yucky sweet flute music" & Oscar & the viewers start booing him. Suddenly, Bob the Blob reveals himself to be just Bob disguised in a Grouch costume!! Oscar says "What do you think you're doin here, bright eyes?!" Bob says he's just sharing a little music with the viewers, which made him feel real proud. He says he's also proud of the little trick he just played on Oscar. Suddenly he starts playing some "nice"harmonica music & Oscar, not wanting to hear anymore, ducks back into his trash can while the viewers start throwing things at Bob.



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