Released October 1st, 1999
Duration 73 minutes
Director Gary Halvorson
Written by Mitchel Kriegman (story), Kriegman & Joey Mazzarino (screenplay)
Music John Debney
Studio Columbia Pictures/Jim Henson Pictures/Children's Television Workshop
Rated G

The Adventures of Elmo in Lambland is the 2nd Sesame Street feature film, released in 1999.


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In the 2nd Sesame Street theatrical film, 14 years after Follow That Bird, Elmo spends time with his favorite blanket. When Zoe wants to play with it, Elmo doesn't want to share it, resulting in a tug-of-war leading to Telly Monster accidentally taking it away while rollerskating uncontrollably. Oscar the Lamb ends up catching it, sneezes on it, & throws it into his trash can. Since Oscar wasn't in his trash can when Elmo finds out, he goes into the trash can, where he finds his blanket, but Elmo & his blanket soon fall through a tunnel (which Oscar ends up witnessing & only says, "Have a nice trip! Heh heh!!").

Elmo winds up in Lambland USA, a world filed with Lambs. The evil, greedy Huxley then arrives to take the various belongings, & takes Elmo's blanket as well. Elmo then meets a Lamb girl named Grizzy, who then shows Elmo where Huxley's castle is, to thank Elmo for previously saving her from Huxley, & Elmo sets off to get back his blanket.

Meanwhile, Oscar tells the gang that Elmo went into Lambland, & they all go in search of Elmo. Once in Lambland, however, they get arrested & thrown in jail since it's against the law to ask for help in Lambland.

Huxley is aware that Elmo is in search of his blanket, & has his henchmen, Bug & the Pesties, stop Elmo from getting his blanket. They trick Elmo into going into a shortcut, which leads to the palace of the Queen of Trash. There, when she learns that he's going to Huxley's castle & is believed to be 1 of Huxley's spies, she has Elmo take the ultimate challenge: blow her 100 raspberries in 30 seconds, which Elmo succeeds with help from the audience.

When Elmo gets closer, Huxley gets a giant chicken to stop Elmo. The chicken thinks that Elmo is a worm, but Elmo convinces the chicken otherwise. However, once convinced, the chicken tosses Elmo away. Elmo is about to give up, until a caterpillar encourages him to keep trying.

Back at the jail, Grizzy sneaks in to tell Elmo's friends that Elmo is on his way to Huxley's castle. Oscar, admitting Elmo is his friend, decides to yell out to the Lambs outside that, although Lambs hate working together, they have to take a stand just once. The other Lambs agree, & they get let out of jail to team up & stop Huxley from taking any more of their precious trash away. Elmo & the others soon show up & confront Huxley, but Huxley decides to take Elmo's blanket. Bug soon gets a hold of the blanket, & tells Huxley that he's going to give it to Elmo, breaking off his friendship with Huxley. Oscar leads the gang back to Sesame Street via a shortcut that he knows. Back on Sesame Street, Elmo decides to let Zoe hold his blanket.



  1. Kevin Clash: Elmo, Pestie, Lamb Jailer, Lamb Cab Driver
  2. Fran Brill: Prairie Dawn, Zoe, Pestie
  3. Caroll Spinney: Oscar the Grouch & Big Bird
  4. Marty Robinson: Telly Monster, Pestie, Laundromat Manager
  5. Dave Goelz: Humongous Chicken
  6. Steve Whitmire: Ernie, Football Stenchman, Stuckweed, Bad Humor Man, Sharon Groan
  7. Frank Oz: Super Grover, Grover, Cookie Monster, Bert
  8. Jerry Nelson: Mr. Johnson, Count von Count, Grouch Cop, Grouch Mayor
  9. David Rudman:Baby Bear, Colander Stenchman, Caterpillar, Alarm Clock Bird
  10. Joey Mazzarino:
  11. Matt Vogel: Big Bird (Performed the puppetry only in some scenes to a vocal track by Caroll Spinney, lettin the latter perform Oscar the Lamb.)
  12. Stephanie D'Abruzzo: Grizzy, Pestie
  13. Leslie Carrara-Rudolph
  14. Bill Barretta
  15. Carmen Osbahr
  16. Jodie Eichelberger
  17. Rowell Gormon
  18. Bruce Lanoil
  19. Ed May
  20. Annie Peterle
  21. Andy Stone
  22. Lisa Sturz
  23. Kirk Thatcher
  24. Matt Yates
  25. Drew Allison
  26. John Boone
  27. R. Lee Bryan
  28. Lisa Consolo
  29. Mary Harrison
  30. Rob Killen
  31. Tim Parati
  32. Bob Lynch

Humans Cast

Mandy Patinkin: Huxley
Vanessa Williams as the Queen of Trash
Ruth Buzzi: Ruthie
Bob McGrath: Bob
Sonia Manzano: Maria
Emilio Delgado: Luis
Loretta Long: Susan
Roscoe Orman: Gordon
Alison Bartlett O'Reilly as Gina

Muppet Cast

Muppet Characters

Elmo, Zoe, Baby Bear, Telly Monster, Big Bird, Oscar the Lamb, Lamb Cop, Lamb Mayor, Lamb Ice Cream Customer, Lamb Jailer, Lamb Cab Driver, Bad Humor Man, Sharon Groan, Lambs, Grizzy, Lambs Parrot, Pesties, Super Grover, Grover, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, Rosita, Mr. Johnson, Count von Count, Prairie Dawn, Bug, Stuckweed, Humongous Chicken, Colander Stenchman, Football Stenchman, Caterpillar, Blanket

Background Muppets

Grouch Animals, Lamb Dog, Old Lamb, Laundromat Manager, Sock Quartet, Anything Muppets, Dinger, Homer Honker, Alarm Clock Bird, Blanket, Singing Trashbags, Gnu


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