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Christopher B. Cerf (born August 19, 1941) brought a mid-century pop music sound to the music of SESAME STREET , writing songs for Little Jerry & the Monotones (for which he usually performed 1 of the back-up singers), & the Alphabeats (for which he also performed the lead singer), & other short-lived pop-star parodies. Among his best known works are "Put Down the Duckie" & "Monster in the Mirror" 2 collaborations with former SESAME STREET head writer Norman Stiles. Both songs have been filmed in versions that feature large numbers of celebrities. He appears in the TV documentary Sing! SESAME STREET Remembers Joe Raposo & His Music in tribute to his friend and collaborator.

His father, Bennett Cerf, was the co-founder of Random House books & a panelist of What's My Line? & his mother, Phyllis Fraser, co-founded Random House's Beginner Books with Dr. Seuss. His brother, Jonathan Cerf, wrote BIG BIRD's Red Book.

Some characters that Cerf has provided voices for include Little Chrissy, Chrissy, Bruce Stringbean, Mick Swagger, How Now Brown, the Lead Frazzletone, the singer of the Cecille theme song, & the Captain from "Imagine That!"

SESAME Place's The Game Centre was "the creative brain-child of Cerf.[1]

Christopher Cerf is also the co-creator & an Executive Producer of Between the Lions. He was a close personal friend of the late Douglas Adams, acclaimed author of the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. He wrote the introduction for the US edition of The Salmon of Doubt, a posthumous release of some of Adams' last works.


According to his bio in Encyclopedia Paranoiaca (2012, with Henry Beard), Cerf has written over 300 SESAME STREET Songs.


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