Doin' the Grouch
Music by Christopher Cerf
Lyrics by Emily Perl Kingsley & Christopher Cerf
Date 1993
Publisher SESAME STREET, Inc.
Splotched Animal Music
EKA Episode 3315
First Episode 3315

"Doin' the GROUCH" is a famous GROUCH dance Celina personally learned from Gene Smelly, a legendary GROUCH dancer & actor. She performs it with the kids & the GROUCHketeers in her dance studio. The 1st time this dance was performed, Celina personally taught the GROUCHketeers just how to do the dance while OSCAR THE GROUCH watched. At the very end, OSCAR was very impressed at just how well Celina really knew how to do "Doin' the GROUCH".

The 2nd time this dance was performed was on the SESAME STREET home video "Get Up & Dance". BIG BIRD wanted to have a dance birthday party for his beloved teddy bear Radar, so he & several kids including Gabi & Lexine went to Celina's dance studio & Celina agreed to use her studio as the party headquarters.

They danced several fun dances, including A Very Simple Dance, I'm a Little Airplane, The BIRDland Jump, Do the Dog, Do the Jelly & A Cat Had a Birthday. Then, suddenly, OSCAR THE GROUCH called from his newsstand demanding Celina to stop the happy dancing. Celina makes OSCAR a deal & she teaches BIG BIRD & the kids to do the "Doin the GROUCH" dance. Right after the dance, OSCAR calls again & he says "Now that was more like it!"







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