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Ed Christie (b. May 20th, 1956) is a puppet designer & builder who has worked with SESAME STREET & JIM HENSON Associates since an internship with JIM HENSON in 1978. Christie graduated from UMass Amherst with a BFA / Education in 1979.

The 1st Muppet Christie created was Butch, originally designed as a sabertooth tiger used in the "Toothbrush" skit of the Caveman Days series on SESAME STREET.[1]

After years of learning Muppet design techniques, & building many of the classic Muppet characters, he was promoted to Muppet Supervisor in charge of SESAME STREET (1991-1996). He was later promoted to Vice President/NY Muppet Workshop Supervisor (1997-2004) as well as Art Director for HENSON on SESAME STREET. He also contributed his skills to JIM HENSON Licensing & Publishing.

In 2004, Christie left HENSON & was contracted by SESAME Workshop where he is currently designing characters for the domestic version of SESAME STREET & SESAME STREET International. He has designed the Muppet characters for SESAME in the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Russia, Israel, South Africa, Egypt, China, Poland, France, Mexico, Canada, Japan & others. Christie is featured in the 2006 documentary The World According to SESAME STREET.

He has won 8 Daytime Emmy Awards for his work on SESAME STREET & many nominations for other HENSON productions. Christie's work was also seen in the Broadway productions of Doonesbury, Peter Pan, Sugar Babies & Encores! Carnival. He also designed, built & performed in the 2007 production of Carnival! at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. From December 5th to January 25, the Provincetown Art Association & Museum displayed the exhibit Rods & Monsters: the Puppets of Ed Christie.

Christie lives on Cape Cod & is an artist represented by the Alden Gallery in Provincetown, MA.


The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation interviewed Christie in 2004 for the Archive of American Television. The hour & a half interview was posted on YouTube in 2009.

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Muppet Credits


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For Productions

For SESAME Workshop/International


Non-Muppet Credits

  • Carnival! - 2007 Kennedy Centre production of the Broadway musical
  • "Big City Park" BBC - designed Rauiri, Dara The Fox, & Billy Badger
  • Alden Gallery -


  1. Goldstein, Meredith. "Muppet master", The Boston Globe, Boston, MA. December 12, 2008.

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