Plot The Worm Summer Games
Air date January 6th, 1995, July 7th, 1995
Season Season 26
Sponsors E, 5


Episode 3300 featured The Worm Summer Games, with Slimey competing in the worm version of the Olympics. This episode, which aired on January 6th, 1995 & reran on July 7th, was featured in Sesame Street Magazine issue 246 (July/August 1995).


  • Song: "Rockin' Robin" - Footage of kids playing in a gymnasium.
  • Cartoon: An animated caterpillar sings "Exercise, Exercise".
  • Cartoon: A chorus of 5s fly out of 5 painting.
  • Animation: E/e Gregorian chant
  • Song: "Around and Around"
  • Ernie & Aaron Neville sing "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon"
  • Animation: E/e planets
  • Film: A girl pretends to be a rabbit.
  • Kermit the Frog & a group of tribesmen sing the "African Alphabet Song".
  • Cartoon: A dinosaur tries to eat an apple on a tree. A group of kids keep telling him to "GO HIGHER!"
  • Cartoon: A cartoon shows a few Spanish words - which are also English words.
  • Celia Cruz sings "Songo's Song"
  • At the Pride Day Ceremony, Donald proclaims his proudest accomplishment - tying his shoes all by himself.
  • Cartoon: Bruce the moose invites Toulouse LaGoose over for juice.
  • Song: "I'm in Great Shape, You're in Great Shape"
  • Film: A girl floats around in a circle.
  • Animation: A parade of toys illustrates 1st & last.

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