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*[[Episode 3763]]
*[[Episode 3763]]
*[ Episode 3866] on the [ Grouches Wiki]
*[ Episode 3866] on the [ Grouches Wiki]
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Picture Segment Description
3866 a

3866 b
Oscar the Grouch receives a letter from a Grouch postwoman & notices the viewer. He explains that he received a letter from his mother, wishing him a happy birthday. Telly overhears him, & plans to help him celebrate. Oscar doesn't want a happy birthday, & bets him that not 1 person on Sesame Street can do something grouchy for his birthday. Telly makes it his goal to prove Oscar wrong.
3866 c
Maria has written a birthday poem for Oscar. He becomes irritated when he can't read it--it's in Spanish! Maria reads it, & Oscar catches her being nice: the poem contains the word "feliz", the Spanish word for "happy". He's surprised by how awful it is when Maria reads it in English: "Happy greeting to you, irritating Grouch. Have a rotten day from here on out!"
3866 d
Big Bird presents his gift: he holds his beak closed, & will not bother or say anything to Oscar all day.
3866 e
Gina gives Oscar a birthday present concealed in a box. Oscar admires the box, thinking its from Grundgetta, & opens it to see what's inside. The nothing! Gina reveals that she is the one that made it.
3866 f
Alan gives Oscar a birthday cake he made: a triple layer cake made with chicken & mint, with sardine frosting! Oscar laments that it's the same kind of cake his mother used to make.
3866 g

3866 h
Luis, Gabi, & Rosita let Oscar play a game: he tries to crack open a trash can-shaped piñata. He succeeds, & is buried by a pile of small junk pieces, torn newspaper, & fish bones.
3866 i

3866 j
Oscar finds everyone (including Bob & the Grouchketeers) on the steps of 123 Sesame Street, & thinks that they're now going to sing Happy Birthday to You. Instead, they shout "Grouchy Birthday to You!" Oscar admits that he was wrong--everyone knew how to celebrate a Grouch birthday, until Telly gives him his present: hugs & kisses!
3866 k
Oscar finishes the cake & announces the sponsors. He notes the best thing about having a birthday: you have to wait a whole year until the next one!

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