From Trash to Treasure 1
Written by Liza Alexander
Illustrator Joe Ewers
Published 1993
Publisher Western Publishing
Series Western Publishing

From Trash to Treasure is a Sesame Street Little Golden Book.

This book illustrates the many ways the residents of Sesame Street recycle. While most of the characters accomplish this the traditional way, Oscar & the other Grouches reuse trash in typical Grouch fashion. Granny Bird sews quilts from old clothing & then makes new clothes for Big Bird. Grundgetta, on the other hand, thinks tattered rags themselves make great outfits.


Filthomena, Grundgetta, Oscar the Grouch, Bruno the Trashman, Big Bird, Granny Bird, Little Bird, Grover, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, Elmo, Mae, Count von Count, The Countess, Telly Monster, Prairie Dawn,

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