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"Grouch Appreciation Day" is a national Grouch holiday celebrated to show the appreciation for all the Grouches of the world. So far, this national holiday has only appeared once, in Sesame Street episode 2746, the premiere of Sesame Street Season 22.

Oscar the Grouch, throughout the entire episode, is annoyed when his friends decide to throw a party for "Grouch Appreciation Day". However, after all his complaining, Bruno carries him to Big Bird's nest area, where Oscar hopes to see a party waiting for him, but no one is there. He is sad & disappointed, until his friends appear & surprise him & throw him a banquet party, where Simon Soundman, the Two-Headed Monster & Preston Rabbit give speeches & then they sing him a song.

Oscar ends up being quite satisfying with the experience of Grouch Appreciation Day at the end of the episode.



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