Growing Up Grouchy 1
Written by Michaela Muntean
Illustrator David Prebenna
Published 1996
Publisher Western Publishing
Series Little Golden Books
ISBN 0307303683

Growing Up Grouchy is a 1996 Sesame Street Little Golden Book that tells the story of Oscar the Grouch's misspent youth.

Oscar was born on a sleety, slushy, gray day, which according to Grouch lore is good, because, apparently, if a Grouch is born on a sunny day, they'll grow up with a sunny outlook on life. Oscar was named after his family saw the name on the side of a garbage truck outside the nursery window.

Oscar was a smelly baby, & his favorite foods were sour-cream prune cereal & crap-apple sauce. His favorite toys were a dented trumpet, a pair of pot lids & an old drum, with which he made lots of noise. His 1st word was "yucch", his 2nd was "no", & his 1st sentence was "Leave me alone!" His favorite stories were The Ugly Duckling & Beauty & the Beast, & he slept with his itchy blankie, a toy skunk, & Slimey.


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