Characters & alter-egos assumed by Grundgetta in Muppet productions.

Picture Role Production Notes
Grundgetta as the Grouch Queen
The Grouch Queen Sesame Street, Episode 2630 Grundgetta plays the part of the Grouch Queen, mother of Snow Grouch, & a parody of the Evil Queen from "Snow White".
Grundgetta as Sleeping Grouchy 1
Sleeping Grouchy Sesame Street Episode 4143 Grundgetta plays the part of Sleeping Grouchy, spoofing Sleeping Beauty.
4173 d
The Fairy Grouchmother. Sesame Street Episode 4173 Grundgetta plays the part of the Fairy Grouchmother, spoofing the Fairy Godmother. In Abby's imagination, she tells what she thinks is Oscar's fairy tale origin. He once was a handsome, kind prince who got trashy treasures from his subjects, till 1 day, a Fairy Grouchmother witness this & was disgusted. W/ a wave of her wand, she turned him into a nasty Grouch.

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