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Grundgetta prepares for the Everything in the Wrong Place Ball at her boyfriend's trash can.

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Grundgetta questions Oscar the Grouch about the grouchiness of the Grouch News Network.

Grundgetta is Oscar the Grouch's equally trashy rotten, Grouch girlfriend. Oscar occasionally calls her Grungie, while she generally calls him Oskie. In addition to being a "couple", they're best friends too. Oscar & Grundgetta, as stated by Oscar & Gordon's sister Olivia, have been best friends for "a very long time". Her earliest appearance was in Season 14.

Grundgetta, like Oscar, has had a number of pets over the years, including her worm Sylvia, a Rottendoodle named Itchy & a muddy piglet who won the Yucchiest Pet contest in Oscar's Grouch Jamboree.

Grundgetta, like Oscar, sometimes slips up as a Grouch, but not always. In Episode 3763 of Sesame Street" when both she & Oscar tell Sally Messy Yuckyael how Oscar unwillingly fell in love w/ her (which she snapped him out of completely by kissing him), eventually, Grundgetta starts feelin the same way. Just like Oscar did, she hears "yucky sweet violin music", her heart starts going "pitty pat, pitty pat", & she no longer feels like arguing. She begs Oscar to just kiss her before she confesses her true love to him, which he agrees to do. However, just as expected she gets extremely angry. Oscar says she told him to do it, but then she asks him if he'd jump off a bridge if she told him to. After that they start arguing again.

In a video released for the "Sesame Family Robinson", blog Pam Arciero was playing around with the Grundgetta Muppet. Grundgetta commented that she was nervous since she hadn't been on camera in months, referencing her absence in recent years.

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The spellin of the character's name has also varied over the years, switchin between "Grundgetta" & "Grungetta".

The spelling "Grundgetta" appears in the storybooks, including & the books A Grouch's Christmas & Oscar's Grouch Jamboree, the albums Oscar's Trashy Songs & Let's Be Friends, & the Applause plush doll. Current Sesame Workshop press kits list the character as "Grundgetta", as does an internal CTW document from 1994. As of January 18th, 2008, typing "Grundgetta" in the search engine on the Sesame Street Video Player gives results, but typing "Grungetta" shows no results. However, results can be found for either spelling at

However, the Sesame Street Unpaved book & the Sesame Street "35 Years Anniversary Game" refer to the character as "Grundgetta". A Workshop press kit from 1984 uses "Grungetta", as do the Sesame Family Newsletters from the early 2000s.



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