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This Magic Mirror appears in the parody Grouch fairytale "Snow Grouch & the Seven Dwarfs", a story read by Oscar the Grouch to his niece Irvine while she was fightin the Grouch Flu.

The fairy tale tells the story of a Grouch Queen (portrayed by Grundgetta), who is the Grouchiest Grouch in all the land. She knows this cause she asks her Magic Mirror the same question every morning: "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the grouchiest of them all?". The Magic Mirror (voiced by Richard Hunt) always responds with, "You are, Queen. You're the Grouchiest Grouch in all the land". The Grouch Queen's daughter, Snow Grouch, with every single passing year, got grouchier & grouchier. The morning after Snow Grouch's 18th birthday, the Grouch Queen asks the usual question, but this time the Mirror responded with, "The Grouchiest 1 in all the land is Snow Grouch".

Jealous, the Queen banishes Snow Grouch from the Kingdom -- or as Oscar puts it, "She told Snow Grouch to get lost!" Snow Grouch goes to live with the Seven Dwarfs, in their cottage in the woods.

The next morning, the Queen asks the Mirror her usual question, sure that since Snow Grouch was gone, she was once again the grouchiest in the land. But Snow Grouch is still the grouchiest of them all; she's making the Dwarfs' cottage messier every day & throwing the Dwarfs out of their own cottage cause she wants them to get lost, & so she could take her daily mudbath in peace.

The furious Queen tricks Snow Grouch into eating a bite of a magic sour lemon, which will turn her into a nice Grouch. After she bites the sour lemon, Snow Grouch starts cleanin the cottage, which made the Grouch Queen the Grouchiest Grouch in all the land once more. But then, as luck would have it, a Grouch Prince (played by Oscar), who rode in on his dusty white horse, witnesses Snow Grouch cleanin the cottage, enters & yells -- "Hey you! Snap out of it!".

With these words, the magic spell is broken, & Snow Grouch is a true Grouch once more. So the Grouch Prince & Snow Grouch decided to get lost together, & lived grouchily ever after.




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