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"Nasty Dan" is a VERY nasty, grouchy man who never cared about anyone but himself, & he even took pleasure in seeing a small boy hurting himself after taking a hard & bad fall.

A song of the same name that was performed by Johnny Cash during Sesame Street Season 5. Oscar the Grouch, who made occasional interjections.

A recording by Claude François managed to reach number 1 on the pop chart in France.






Lyrics describing Nasty Dan

(Oscar the Grouch suddenly emerges from his trash can when Johnny Cash bangs his guitar on it).

Oscar: Who goes there?

Johnny Cash: You'll like this.

Johnny: Old Nasty Dan was the meanest man I ever knew
He'd stomp & scream & be real mean the whole day through

(Oscar: Yeah?)

He'd frown a bunch
He ate nails for lunch
& he'd never laugh

(Oscar: Wow! I'd like him!)

He'd growl & yell & I heard tell he never took a bath

(Oscar: Wow.)

Nasty Dan

(Oscar: Nasty Dan?)

Was a nasty man!

(Oscar: Yeah?)

Hard to understand that Nasty Dan

(Oscar: Hmm.)

Now Nasty Dan was a nasty man the whole day long

(Oscar: Good for him!)

He'd go where he could & he'd try real good to make things go wrong

(Oscar: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.)

He'd jump for joy when a little boy would trip & fall

(Oscar: Really mean.)

& the only words that he ever said were "I don't like you at all."

(Oscar: Yeah, right on!)

Nasty Dan

(Oscar: Yeah.)

Was a nasty man

(Oscar: Heh, heh, heh.)

Hard to understand that Nasty Dan


Johnny: Now here's the best part, it's about a girl named Nasty Pearl.

Oscar: Oh, she sounds okay too!


Nasty Pearl was a nasty girl who met Dan]somehow
She said, "You're like me, rotten as can be, let's get married now."
So they went & they did & had a nasty kid & I must confess
That Dan pretty much leaves everybody alone now
& he doesn't bother anybody anymore
'Cause he just lives in his nasty old house
With his nasty old wife

(Oscar: Yeah?)

& his nasty kid

(Oscar: Yeah?)

In nasty happiness!

(Oscar: Far out!)

he's a happy man!

(Oscar: Yeah.)

Hard to understand that Nasty Dan


Oscar: Wow, that was really great.

Johnny: You like that?

Oscar: & say, aren't you Johnny Trash?

Johnny: Cash.

Oscar: Cash, Cash.

Johnny: Have a rotten day.

Oscar: Wow, there goes my kind of guy.

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