File:Oscar's Grouch Jamboree 1.jpg
Written by Liza Alexander
Illustrator Carol Nicklaus
Published 1994
Publisher Western Publishing
Series Unknown
ISBN 0307143546

Oscar's Grouch Jamboree is a 1994 Sesame Street storybook starring Oscar the Grouch

Oscar the Grouch narrates his visit to the Grouch Jamboree, where Grouches & grouchy Monsters assemble for a carnival. Every Grouch at the Jamboree is in an individual trash can; they seem to hop around in their trash cans. Some of them also wear their trash can lids like hats.

The first event is the Yucchy Car Rally, & Oscar hopes that his go-cart will win "ugliest vehicle". The prize is taken by Oswaldo.

Next is the contest for most disgusting food, but Oscar's super-deluxe sardine, anchovy & hot fudge sundae doesn't take the prize.

The next contest is for Yucchiest Pet, & Oscar hopes that his worm Slimey & noisy dog Betsy, will win this year. The judge awards the prize to Grundgetta, who has a muddy piglet. Oscar also loses the contests for Grouchy Crafts. He hopes to win the Pie Sling, but that ends up getting canceled cause Oswaldo forgot to bake the pies.

Frustrated with his string of losses, Oscar decides to get his Junk Band together to play for the grand finale. Grundgetta, Travis, Filthomena & Oswaldo join Oscar to play a crummy song.

In appreciation, the Grouches give Oscar a special award -- a pie in the face. He's thrilled. He says "Now that's a prize to make a Grouch proud!"


The book was also released as a book & tape set by Golden. It was later reissued by Sony Wonder, w/ a catalog number of LT 67464.

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