Oscar's Rotten Birthday

Oscar's Rotten Birthday.

Written by Dan Elliott
Illustrator Normand Chartier
Published 1981
Publisher Random House
Series Sesame Street Start-to-Read
ISBN 0394948483

Oscar's Rotten Birthday is a Sesame Street book starring Oscar the Grouch.

Oscar the Grouch lives in a trash can, & gets regular deliveries from The Mudman -- so there's no way that he'll enjoy the birthday party that the Sesame Street residents are preparing.

Oscar hears about the surprise party, so he puts a "GO AWAY!" sign on his trash can, & hides in the dark. His friends lure him out of his trash can by singing a new version of the song that Big Bird has prepared: "Rotten Birthday to You". Grover gives Oscar a bouquet of smelly stinkweed, Ernie & Bert offer broken toys, & Betty Lou gives him a bag of peanut shells. Count von Count, Herry Monster & Roosevelt Franklin give Oscar an old sock, a flat tire, a jar of mud & a broken clock.

The party drags on. The group plays Pin the Tail on the Pig, Toss the Trash in the Can, & Dunk for Rotten Apples. Finally, Cookie Monster gives Oscar a messy mud cake with a broken candle.

Despite himself, Oscar is pleased with the party -- until he realizes that he has to wait a whole year until his next rotten birthday.

Other editions

  • Released as a Book-&-Record set (BR-00023), & as a Book-&-Tape set (BT-00023).
  • Published by Fisher-Price as a Book-&-Record set (FP 148), & as a Book-&-Tape set (FP 116).
  • A Hebrew edition was published in 1981 by Ad'am.

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