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Prince Slimey is a fictional character played by Slimey on Sesame Street. The Prince has only made 1 appearance so far, in episode 4143, in The Tale of Sleeping Grouchy.

In The Tale of Sleeping Grouchy, 1 day the grouchy princess goes on a Grouchy walk. She says "Phooey!" so many times that it disturbs a wizard who was walking nearby. He casts a spell on her, putting her to sleep for 100 years! Sleeping Grouchy's parents encounter her sleeping, & become distressed that their daughter is under a spell. The queen gets an idea to offer a big reward for whoever can break the spell.

Tragically, the 1st & 2nd princes, Prince Elmo of Ticklania, & Prince Telly of the Tuba, & his back-up band, The Cat's Meow have no luck in breaking the spell.

The 3rd prince doesn't show up at 1st, but is revealed to be Prince Slimey. But how can a small worm prince break a spell? Prince Slimey was small but he knew about Grouches & he knew that by giving the princess a sweet, lovable kiss, which he knows she'll hate, she'll awaken. It works!

In return for his heroic deed, Prince Slimey wants not jewels, but mud. He & Princess Grouchy go off to play in the Royal mud puddle & live grouchily ever after.



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