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Sarah Albee is an author of SESAME STREET & BIG Bag books. She also wrote the script for Elmo & the Orchestra. She has written under various pen names, including Constance Allen, Catherine Lukas, & Catherine Samuel.

In addition to the books listed below, Albee also contributed to the Elmos Neighborhood & SESAME STREET ABCs series. She has also written books for other franchises including Winnie the Pooh, Little Animal Adventures, & many Nickelodeon shows (Blues Clues, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, Dora the Explorer, Little Bill & Fairly Oddparents).

She also worked as an editor while working for SESAME STREET, & once she became a freelancer, wrote for SESAME STREET under a pseudonym: Constance Allen.[1]

"Starting my career at SESAME STREET gave me a wonderful grounding in the preschool mind. Im glad my 1st books were for the youngest kids. What SESAME STREET taught me is that very young children can still be smart & engaged & appreciative of humortheyre just younger versions of who they will become. So as a writer its a challenge to appeal to them at whatever developmental stage theyre at, but never to condescend to them."[1]


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