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Sesame Street - Oscar presents "Scramalot"

Sesame Street - Oscar presents "Scramalot"

Scramalot is a Sesame Street parody of the Monty Python musical Spamalot. According to Oscar, the play it so rotten it won 10 Groany Awards.

In the sketch, a cast quartet of Grouches put on their rendition of the musical Scramalot. However, the musical numbers are frequently interrupted by the Grouches' inability to rhyme. They sing "We are the Knights Of Scramalot and doors we like to slam alot, we're grouchy and don't have alot, but when we're in a jam alot, we love to rhyme with scram..... alot.". One of knights says "Scram..... Poodle." They start from the top and repeat "We are the Knights Of Scramalot and when we're in a jam alot, we love to rhyme with scram.... alot". One of the knights says "Scram....... Shruberry." And then they get into an argument.

Ultimately, the Knights decide to argue rather than just finish the play the right way. They argue all at once as the audience boos to the play.

The Grouches are performed by David Rudman, Matt Vogel, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph & Fran Brill.

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