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Six Crabs Yucky World is a Grouch theme park, a sppof of the famous theme park Six Flags New England.

In Sesame Street episode 3997, in an attempt to make himself feel really grouchy, Oscar the Grouch watches a preview of the park on Grouch TV. He demands that Maria take him to the web site on the Internet. Unfortunately, the web site says that there are no rooms, so Oscar prints out the list of the theme park's attractions. After he leaves, another Grouch asks about the park too.

Trying to replicate the Yucky World experience, Oscar tries to argue with himself, but it doesn't work. He tries eating the same food, but he finds his PB&J (peanut butter & jalapeño) sandwich & his oyster juice float too delicious.

Oscar is frustrated that he can't recreate the experience, & his moaning concerns everyone else. He dramatically tosses out the list & shrinks back inside his trash can, but Luis has an idea.

Alan has some yucky food from the Yucky World restaurant's recipe, & Maria & Oscar have a good grouchy argument. Next, Luis & Gordon take him on a ride on the Sesame Street version of the Howl 'N' Scowl Roller Coaster. Oscar is thrilled to have such friends. Maria & Gina take him on another ride.

Gordon & Big Bird read the sponsors, & Maria & Gina give Oscar a roller coaster ride. Oscar: "What would I do without my crummy friends?"



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