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Grundgetta as Sleeping Grouchy 1

Sleeping Grouchy appears in Sesame Street episode 4143. Sleeping Grouchy is played by Grundgetta, which spoofs Sleeping Beauty from the fairy tale of the same name.

In The Tale of Sleeping Grouchy, 1 day the grouchy princess goes on a grouchy walk. She says "Phooey!" so many times that it disturbs a wizard who was walking nearby. He casts a spell on her, putting her to sleep for 100 years! Sleeping Grouchy's parents encounter her sleeping, & become distressed that their daughter is under a spell. The queen gets an idea to offer a big reward for whoever can break the spell.

The 1st prince to arrive is Prince Elmo of Ticklania, who will try waking her up with a giant Ticklanian chicken feather. He demonstrates its effects on the King & Queen, then tries it on the princess, not realizing that she's too grouchy to be ticklish - but the feather does make her sneeze. Prince Elmo knows exactly what to do to cheer himself up ...

The 2nd prince to arrive is Prince Telly of the Tuba, & his back-up band, The Cat's Meow. Since they woke up Rip Van Winkle by playing the tuba & meowing loudly, they figure it'll be a cinch to wake the princess up the same way. But such is not the case, not even with participation from the viewer.

The 3rd prince doesn't show up at 1st, but is revealed to be Prince Slimey. But how can a small worm prince break a spell? Prince Slimey knows how: by giving the princess a sweet, lovable kiss, which he knows she'll hate. It works!

In return for his heroic deed, Prince Slimey wants not jewels, but mud. He & Princess Grouchy go off to play in the royal mud puddle & live grouchily ever after.


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