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The Grouches sing the Grouch Anthem on National Grouch Day.

"The Grouch Anthem" is the opening song in the special Follow That Bird. Oscar the Grouch sings the song in front of a giant American flag. In the middle of the song Oscar is joined by a chorus of humming Grouches. After both verses have been sung, Oscar delivers a soliloquy with Grouches singing in the background.

In keeping with the contrarian Grouch nature, after emerging from his trash can, Oscar insists that everyone stay sitting down for the Grouch Anthem, instead of rising to attention as with the national anthems of most countries.



Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, would you please rise for the Grouch Anthem.

(Oscar the Grouch emerges up from his trash can.)

Oscar: No, no, no. For the Grouch Anthem, you stay sitting down.
Down in front there! Now brace yourself, I'm gonna sing:

Grouches of the world unite!
Stand up for your grouchly rights!
Don't let the sunshine spoil your rain
Just stand up and complain

Let this be the Grouches' cause:
Point out everybody's flaws!
Something is wrong with everything
Except the way I sing!

(Cue Grouch Choir humming in the background)

Spoken: Ya know what's right with this world? Nuttin!
Ya know what really makes me hot under the collar? You name it!
And the next time some goody-two-shoes smiles and tells ya to have a nice day, ya just remember:

Don't let the sunshine spoil your rain,
Just stand up and complain!
Just stand up and complain!

Spoken: Well anyway, you've seen the best part of this movie.
So sit back, relax and have a rotten time.

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