Grouch of Hearts

Oscar the Grouch, as the Grouch of Hearts.

The Grouch of Hearts is the main villain for the home video Abby in Wonderland from 2006, spoofing Alice in Wonderland, starring Abby Cadabby. Oscar the Grouch plays this role, spoofing the Queen of Hearts.

Abby meets him by following the Red Rabbit (played by Elmo) through finds a door in a tree. The door takes her to the messy castle of the Grouch of Hearts. The king has Abby's wand thinking it's a new royal scepter. Abby tries to get her wand back, challenging the king to a game of croquet, but he cheats. Elmo protests at the king's decision to keep the wand. Before his Grouchlings can throw Abby & Elmo out, they use Cookie to grow large. They scare the Grouchlings & the king away.

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