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Trash Gordon is a superhero character, the main character of the science fiction adventure book of the name title which Oscar the Grouch reads to his pet worm Slimey to help him sleep. Introduced in Sesame Street Season 35, the segments appear at the end of every episode, & replace the older sponsor tags.

"Trash Gordon" features Gordon as a parody of "Flash Gordon", who finds himself stranded on strange planets & comes up with non-combative ways of overcoming his adversaries. Each segment ends with Gordon reminding viewers of the letter & number of the day.

Starting with Season 38, Trash Gordon is only seen occasionally. Other times, Oscar reads Slimey a different story, which also ends with Gordon announcing the episode's sponsors. In 2 episodes, The Adventures of Gina the Veterinarian replaced Trash.

Trash Gordon's Adventures

Several of the beginning & ending sequences are reused in several episodes; thus the chapters feature random numbers that are duplicated & progress out of order.

Season 35

Adventure Description Appearance(s)
Planet Mud

Trash is attacked by the Muddy Mudons, until he gives them some apple pie a la mud.
Planet Wormhole-5

Trash combats of a gang of worms by reading them to sleep from a book of his own adventures.
Planet Gorgonzola

Trash's nasal passages are threatened by the Stinky Cheese Guys, whom he clears with a sneeze.
Planet of Rotten Bananas
Trash Gordon (Planet of Rotten Bananas) 1

Trash Gordon (Planet of Rotten Bananas) 2
Trash saves himself by taking out an Intergalactic Space Monkey, which makes the "bananas split".
Planet Pizza
Trash Gordon (Planet Pizza) 1

Trash Gordon (Planet Pizza) 2
Trash is chased by a smelly pepperoni & anchovy pizza (w/ extra garlic), till he boxes it & sends it off to New Jersey.
Planet Honk
Trash Gordon (Planet Honk)
Trash is cornered by a gang of noisy Honkers. He solves the problem by hosting a Honker-Duckie-Dinger Jamboree.Trash Gordon (Planet Snore-a-lot) 2.jpg
Planet Penguin

Trash feeds a big smelly fish to a gang of hungry penguins.
Planet Dinger

Trash is almost driven off a cliff by Ding the Merciless, until he whips out his hotel bell, & they both have a ding-a-long.
Giant Space Chicken

Trash drives his spaceship around a giant space chicken, for no other reason than to get to the other side.
Planet Very Hairy
Trash Gordon (Planet Very Hairy) 1

Trash Gordon (Planet Very Hairy) 2
Trash brushes & combs the hair of the planet's residents.
Planet Chicken

Trash handles a mob of angry chickens by playing "Clucky Clucky Chicken" on a tape player.
Planet Oink

Trash is bothered by a gang of oinking pigs, until he puts on his earmuffs.
Planet Snore-a-Lot

Trash can't get to sleep cause of the snoring Snorecians. He solves the problem by playing his bugle & waking them up.
Planet Dirty Laundry

The smelly dirty laundry runs away when confronted with Trash's box of laundry detergent.
Planet Stuck-in-the-Muck
Trash Gordon (Planet Stuck in the Muck) 1

Trash Gordon (Planet Stuck in the Muck) 2
Trash frees a duck from being stuck on a mucky rock - but then becomes stuck himself.
Planet Scram

Trash Gordon (Planet Scram) 2
Trash is confronted by a gang of Grouches shouting "SCRAM!" until he pulls the old snake-in-the-can trick on them.
Giant, Grumpy Guppy

Trash scares away a giant grumpy guppy by pretending to be a kitty cat.
Planet Huff-and-Puff
Trash Gordon (Planet Huff-and-Puff) 1

Trash Gordon (Planet Huff-and-Puff) 2

Trash Gordon (Planet Huff-and-Puff) 3
Trash handles the wind of a Big Bad Wolf by fighting air with air.
Giant Cranky Monster Baby

Trash handles the baby by giving it a giant bottle.

Season 36

Adventure Description Appearance(s)
Planet Itch-on-Your-Back
Trash Gordon
Trash & the Itchies have an itch on their backs which they can't reach. They all cooperate by scratching each other's backs.
Planet Trashpile
Trash Gordon (Planet Trashpile) 1

Trash Gordon (Planet Trashpile) 2
Trash is cornered by giant piles of trash, which he scares away with a trash can.
Planet Triangle

Trash finds himself taunted by the planet's residents until playing his triangle.
Planet of the Shoes

Trash plays music to get a pair of wingtips to dance away.
Planet Nothing
Trash Gordon (Planet Nothing) 1

Trash Gordon (Planet Nothing) 2
Trash breaks a cycle of inactivity by reading a book of his own adventures.
Space Bunnies
Trash Gordon (Space Bunnies)
Surrounded by Space Bunnies (all played by Benny Rabbit), Trash throws a head of cabbage, thereby dispersing the crowd.
Planet Pots and Pans

Trash bangs the biggest pot tops together, persuading the Pots & Pansians to stop doing the same.
Planet Spaghetti
Trash distracts a pasta dish with a pair of meatballs.
Planet of the Cakes

On the Crummy Planet of the Cakes, Trash blows out a birthday cake's candle.
Planet Double-Trouble

Trash Gordon comes face to face with his double.
Planet Surprise

Trash looks for a surprise, but gives up. Suddenly, a gang of Surprisians pop up & surprise him with a party!

Season 37

Adventure Description Appearance(s)
Planet Spaghetti
Trash Gordon (Planet Spaghetti) 2

Trash Gordon (Planet Spaghetti) 3
Trash fends off a meatball with a sneeze.
Planet of the
Giant Ringing Telephone

Trash conquers the phone by answering it.
Planet of the Stinky Sock

Trash copes with its lone resident by taking off his own sock, forming a pair.
Planet Upside-Down
Trash Gordon (Planet Upside Down) 1

Trash Gordon (Planet Upside Down) 2
Trash turns himself upside down to avoid frightening the Upside-Downians.
Planet Screechy Violins
Trash Gordon (Planet Screechy Violins) 1

Trash Gordon (Planet Screechy Violins) 2
Trash conducts the Grouches' playing with a baton.

Trash encounters a flock of furballs, which he finds are actually friendly.
Planet Fairytale

Trash Gordon (Planet Fairytale) 2
Trash contacts Little Bo Peep by interstellar cell phone to bring her sheep home.
Planet Vacation

Trash is heroically tired & relaxes on a lawn chair.
Planet Conga Line
Trash Gordon (Planet Conga Line) 1

Trash Gordon (Planet Conga Line) 2
Trash is unable to stop dancing ... until he changes the Conga Liners' radio station.
Planet Booboo
Trash Gordon (Planet Booboo)
Trash bandages the Booboobians' booboos.
Planet Pebble In Your Shoe

Trash Gordon (Planet Pebble in Your Shoe) 2
Trash shakes the pebble out of his shoe, inspiring the Pebble People to do the same.

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