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Worby is the Grouch owner of Worby's Store, a food location in Grouchytown, the hometown of Oscar the Grouch, which is the opposite of Hooper's Store back on Sesame Street.

The expected Grouchytowners show up at Oscar's trash can & Oscar instructs them on how to plan "for niceness." They've got their sunglasses in case of smiley faces, & nose plugs so they won't smell any cookies baking, but Worby doesn't have a helmet to protect his head from being patted. Just then, they see Bob & Maria waving to someone, & smell his vanilla ice cream cone, but luckily they've prepared for that already. As they walk past him, he pats Worby's bare head, which upsets him.

Oscar points the Grouchytowners' attention to something disgusting: Bob & Linda, a couple, sitting together. They go near them, but he asks for them to leave so he can be alone with her. He then gets an idea: he talks to her in sign language without speaking, thus driving the Grouches away. As they leave, he pats Worby's unprotected head once again. (Oscar: "Don't complain to me, Mr. I-don't-need-a-helmet!")

Oscar & the Grouchytowners stop by Maria's apartment, just as she's about to take a bath, which isn't a mud bath, to their disappointment. She drives them away by giving them a whiff of her soap, talking about getting clean, & giving Worby a pat on the head. "I just can't help being nice", she grins.

Later, after Oscar & the Grouchytowners reconvene Worby complains that he's sick of being patted on the head, & wishes he was back in Grouchytown. Velma & Otto are homesick too, & the 3 sing "Dear Old Grouchytown". A sympathetic Oscar agrees to end the tour & take them to the bus stop.

As the Grouchytowners leave 1 by 1, Bob & Linda give them a grouchy send-off, which impresses them. Worby (now wearing a hat) gets a kiss from Linda, & Gina announces the sponsors.



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